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This internet page is aimed at companies, who’s daily work are

  • Code-based Strength Calculation of Pressure Parts

and who are

  • engineering planning companies, engineering offices
  • utility companies, operating companies
  • inspection companies / testing organizers

have the need for an audit-proof documentation of the calculation. For companies

  • in the Boilers and Vessels Industry,
  • in Plant Design and
  • in Piping Construction

PROBAD Consulting offers solution for the effective use of calculation modules for the following Codes:

EN 12952, EN 13480, EN 13445, EN 1591
ASME Sect. I.,  ASME B31.1, 
ASME B31.3, ASME Sect. VIII./1
WRC 107, WRC 297
AD 2000-Sheets, TRD-Sheets

Do you need calculation software solutions for your company? PROBAD Consulting provides licenses to the owner of this solutions, SIGMA Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH ©, offers trainings worldwide for the usage of these calculation solutions and also is doing workshops „around the Codes“ with the main focus 
„EN 1591-1“.

For the power plant area PROBAD Consulting offers the engineering and material planning tool PROMPT. This tool PROMPT leads for the pressure parts of a power plant project control, including the PROBAD-calculations and thereby creates material list for a project (or subsets of a project) with the ability to transfer this data into a customer's own material management system (see plant design planning tool PROMPT for the power plant design).

PROBAD Consulting provides licenses to the owner of this solution PROMPT, TDV-Data GmbH.

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