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Behind PROBAD Consulting stands:
Dipl.-Ing. Beate Schettki-Schäferdieck
Consultant Engineer                                            



Some data about the person:

Beate Schettki-Schäferdieck has studied Civil Engineering in Essen/Germany.

As young engineer she started directly after her study into her desired field of work, the „calculation with data process“, that she already has chosen as theme of her Thesis. Up to today, this is her main interest, although, no-one speaks about “data processing” by meaning “IT” today.

Beate Schettki-Schäferdieck started her business career at a subsidiary company of the Deutsche Babcock AG in Oberhausen, Germany. Setting up the technical sales department of the subsidiary of Deutsche Babcock AG with highly qualified engineering software packages with focus on the use in the boiler, vessel, equipment and piping industry.

From the very beginning in 1980 Beate Schettki-Schäferdieck accompanied the distribution and development of the different calculation modules of PROBAD and so she built up a high degree of competence in the various national German, European and American regulations for pressure parts over 30 years now.

Beate Schettki-Schäferdieck has her own company as Consultant Engeinner since 1987, interrupted only by a few years in a "dependent employment relationship”.

Beate Schettki-Schäferdieck was member of the German Standardization Working Group for „Flange calculation acc. DIN 2505“ for many years until this group was cancelled because of the European Standardization work.

Today Beate Schettki-Schäferdieck is member of the German Mirror Group as also member of the international CEN/TC 74 Standardization Group for „Flanges and their joints“.