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Available PROBAD-Solutions:

EN 12952 - Water Tube Boiler

For the PROBAD solution "EN 12952 - Water Tube Boilers", the following components are available for strength calculations due to internal pressure and temperature:

  • Cylindrical parts with up to 10 nozzles and nippIe fields as well as their interactions
  • Cylindrical shells with Y-branches
  • Bended tubes and elbows
  • Square tubes with single openings and rows of holes in longitudinal direction
  • Spherical shells and dished heads with up to 10 nozzles as well as their interactions
  • Spherical shells with Y-branches
  • Unstayed flat ends with centered nozzle
  • Creep fatigue calculation for all  aforementioned items
  • Calculation of the fatigue strength due to cyclic internal pressure or combined cyclic changes due to internal pressure and temperature for cylindrical shells and spherical shells with up to 10 nozzles; optional calculation of the allowable rate of temperature change, the allowable number of changes for one load cycles, the determination of the usage factor or the equal temperature rate for all load cycles.

Calculation example for EN 12952

Typical input for EN 12952