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Available PROBAD-Solutions:

EN- and DIN- Pipe Series

The PROBAD solution "DIN-/EN-Piping" serves for the serial calculation of standard pressure parts in piping systems:

  • Straight pipes with their
  • belonging nozzle table and with the
  • belonging bended pipes
  • elbows
  • T-Pieces
  • Reducers
  • Caps
  • Flanges
  • Blinding plates.

The calculation proof can be done optionally under inner pressure and resp. also under external pressure according to the Codes:

  • DIN 2413, TRD, AD-2000 or
  • EN 13480 (Metallic Industrial Piping)
  • EN 13445 (Unfired Pressure Vessels)
  • EN 12952 (Water Tube Boilers)
  • DIN 2413
  • TRD
  • AD-2000


Fittings alternatively to the Codes may be selected via integrated rating tables.

Flanges are proved by integrated P/T-Rating tables (e.g. according to EN 1092).


Calculation example for pipe series for Design

Calculation example for pipe series for Checking

Main input for selection the calculation range