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Available PROBAD-Solutions:

WRC 107

The PROBAD solution "WRC 107" is required for calculating stresses resulting from local loads (forces or moments) on cylindrical shells (attachment forms: circular massive, square massive or tubular) and on spherical shells (attachment forms: circular massive and square massive).

As an extension of the superposition of several single-load cases is possible, but also an existing single voltage or the internal pressure can be superimposed.

Loadcase combinations are also possible for individual load cases, including combinations in line with ASME Section III, Classes 1 and 2.

For tube plugs and nozzles an additional proof of the attachment both in and out of the intersection region can be demanded.

The dimensionless stress factors from WRC 107, Figure SR-1 to SR-3, SP-1 to SP-10 and SM-1 to SM-10 are internally determined by approximation functions. By default, the determination is made using approximation polynomials created by SIGMA. 

Alternatively, the curve values can be determined using the approximation functions documented in WRC 537, Section 8. There are slightly different results.


WRC 297

The "WRC 297" module permits analyzing nozzle stresses in cylindrical shells and nozzles with or without pad reinforcement resulting from global loads (pressure, longitudinal force,bending moment) and local loads (3-axial forces or moments).

The following calculations are enabled by WRC 297:

  • Re-checking of existing geometries
  • Design of the shell thickness or of the nozzle and pad thickness one of the force or moment components
  • Stresses resulting from global/local loads can be analyzed in compliance with the "AD-S3/0", "AD-S4", "BS 5500" codes or on the basis of ‘freely defined values’.


The solution PROBAD 'WRC 107' and 'WRC 297' are each independent modules.