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PROMPT – Plant design planning tool
for the power plant industry

The program system PROMPT [project and materials planning tool] can be used for the planning of power plant projects and is currently available for components with strength clculations using PROBAD for the Codes EN 12952 and ASME Sect. I. plus ASME B31.1. The program system PROMPT is a product of the company TDV-Data GmbH ©.

  • control of the individualcomponents of a power plant project, particularly the components that are subject to a strength calculation
  • powerfulinput screens with variable functionality based on the components in German or English
  • Managementof projects with the ability to copy one or more components or to copy an entire project
  • control of the individualstrength calculations by accessing the PROBAD component calculations forthe rules and regulations acc. the Codes"EN 12952" or "ASME Sect. I "with" ASME B31.1 "
  • optional view ofPROBADresultsas output
  • Generation of materials listsfor a project (or subsets of a project) in accordance with customer instructions to transfer the data into customer's own material management system
  • production ofmaterial charts, in consultation further customer-specific enhancements are possible individually

 prompt screen


Integration of PROBAD modules via 
internal DLL interfaces in PROMPT

The modules of the solution PROBAD from SIGMA Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH © are integrated via DLL interfaces to PROMPT. It is also regulated the access to the material PROBAD databases for EN, DIN and ASME-materials. The results of the calculations are taken from PROBAD to PROMPT and are processed there.

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