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Strength Calculation of Pressure Parts with PROBAD Solutions

PROBAD, the standard solutions of SIGMA Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH © for code-based strength calculations of pressure parts, have been successfully used for years worldwide. Here some highlights of these PROBAD calculation modules:

  • PROBAD is of modular design; this enables licensing individual modules in relation to the company needs (see available PROBAD solutions).
  • PROBAD allows not only re-checking defined component dimensions, but also designing or optimizing components.
  • The system includes the standards of the various codes applicable to dimensions wall thicknesses, tolerances etc..
  • For the PROBAD calculation solutions materials databases acc. EN, DIN and ASME materials are available with the code-bases values stored. The user of the PROBAD modules is able to input single or all materials values/characteristics by input.
  • In the background databases the standard safety factors are stored in relation to the different Codes. Each user of the PROBAD modules can give individual safety factors or allowable stress values by input.
  • For all PROBAD solutions screen inputs and print output are currently available in German and English The dialog system provides convenient help screens, either as text or graphic.
  • PROBAD is continuously subject to technical changes and novelties as also for monitoring systems etc..
  • Based on the various maintenance agreements, SIGMA Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH © is obliged to keep the solutions up to date by annual releases, so the PROBAD modules are always following the actual codes/standards.
  • For PROBAD licensees with maintenance contract a hotline is available.


Possible Usage of the PROBAD Modules:

SIGMA Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH © offers a modular licensing for the PROBAD solutions according to the price list. The following types of use according to the price list at the same conditions are possible:

  • Installation as a single-user licenses or
  • Server installations as a network license 

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For the PROBAD price list, please contact us.